How Paul Mampilly is Changing the Lives of Investors

When people complete their education, they are at liberty to do whatever they want. There are those who choose to use the skills received in school while others venture into business even when they have studied about other industries. Paul Mampilly, however, is among those few American investors who have used each and every skill they got when in the university. Being an expert in the finance sector, Paul Mampilly is the perfect definition of a successful professional who deserves the attention he gets in the international market. His MBA, which he received from the prestigious Fordham University, has been a great tool for his investment career.

When the hedge fund manager acquired this MBA, there were many employers from all corners of the world who offered him an opportunity to showcase the skills he had. The businessman, however, decided to work as the assistant portfolio manager in a company called Bankers Trust. This company offered him the ideal opportunity to gain expertise, especially in investing in the modern technology world. Paul worked in top and prestigious companies, and by the time he was getting recognized in the market, he was already an expert who had built multi-billion corporations in the market. The businessman becomes the talk of time with companies competing to have him on their side. During the Kinetic Assessment Management competition that brought together prominent figures in the world of finance, Paul got the first position when he grew the assets offered to him in less than a year. The shocking aspect of the competition was the fact that it was held during the financial crisis, and most of the people managed to bring losses.

When Paul Mampilly abandoned his profitable career, he had a dream to follow. The businessman was focusing on making some income for the people in the middle-class. With this vision in mind, he created Profits Unlimited so that he could guide and also advice the investors who needed his assistance. Few years later, the newsletter is popular, and it has thousands of subscribers who are doing well in their investments. Paul Mampilly enjoys helping the American investors.

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Equities First Holdings’ Stock-based Loans Are Becoming Increasingly Popular

Offering unprecedented investment models, Equities First Holdings employed their pioneering spirit and created stock-based loans. In short, stock-based loans present a unique approach to modern modes of lending. Pioneered in 2002, stock-based loans are the flagship of Equities First Holdings. The company’s founder, Al Christy, is over the moon with how far Equities First Holdings has come. Now a globally recognized institution, Equities First Holdings has proven their merit time and again. The most enticing aspect about Equities First Holdings is that they don’t turn away clients based on financial stability. In fact, they’re only concerned with a client’s stocks. So long as an individual’s stocks are in good standing, so too is their relationship with Equities First Holdings. Once the loan is paid off, Equities First Holdings gives the borrower their stocks back. As efficient as they are revolutionary, there’s much to admire about Equities First Holdings.

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Betsy DeVos: Empowering Parents to Make Decisions about Their Children’s Education

Betsy DeVos has built her education plan from the ground up. Her knowledge of the detriments of the public-school system is first-hand. She has seen parents and their children struggling to escape a system that they have found to be lacking. As a mother herself she understands the desire that parents have to give their children the very best. It was because of these experiences that she initially chose to run for an appointment on the state Board of Education in Michigan. She believed that this would give her a platform to speak out for these families and lobby for scholarships that would help lower-income families benefit from private school education.


In her interview with, she discussed why this was such a huge problem for parents as they move forward into the next generation. The simple fact is that children are the future and when they are being educated these are the notions that are going to be carried on into the future. Unfortunately, there are a lot of discrepancies with the public-school system. The class sizes are way too large to give children individual attention and the practice of standardized testing is designed to meet the needs of the largest portion of the population. Many students who are advanced are being left behind and sometimes being evaluated as lower in their academic standing because of such procedures. Simply put, the schools are not prepared to help children unlock their potential.


Betsy DeVos understands the value that is associated with using charter schools, private schools, and even homeschooling instead of these public schools. She wants parents to understand that they have a choice when it comes to their children’s education. Many parents don’t understand that they are allowed to make these choices. They believe that they are slaves to the school district and that their children must attend either a public school or a private school. The options are more open than that to them. Betsy DeVos, as secretary of education, believes that parents should be empowered to make those decisions for herself. As secretary of education, she wants children to receive the correct type of education. She’s not interested in propping up the public-school system which had been the traditional charge of her predecessors. It is her hope that as people become more informed about the “school choice movement” they will make the decisions that are appropriate for their individual children.


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Graeme Holm offers most innovative financial solutions in Australia

Graeme Holm is the founder of the Infinity Group Australia. He started this company with the assistance of his partner Rebecca Walker. Both are experienced financial experts who have spent many years working in the banking sector before starting their own company. The growth of Infinity Group Australia has been monumental in the past five years. For a company that has not been in business for a long time to have recorded significant growth, it shows that the founders had a clearly thought out plan of providing services.


Graeme Holm is a certified MPA Top 100 broker. He has spent 17 years working with top banks in Australia and therefore, he understands what goes on behind the scenes in the banking sector. He has seen how banks operate and how they use their customers for their own gain.


It is the dishonesty that he found in the banking sector that drove him to create Infinity Group Australia. Banks were giving their customers poor deals which only ensure that at the end, the banks made profits while the customers struggled to make ends meet. Banks do not provide guidance or education on money management to their customers, yet they expect the customer to repay a loan without delay.


Graeme holm found it to be hypocritical for people who were supposed to protect their customers from financial losses to be the ones giving out loans to customers without educating them on how to manage their finances.


Holm realized that banks want a poorly educated customer on financial matters so that they can end up drawing a lot of money from them in the form of interest. Infinity Group Australia has however been set in such a way that such things will no longer exist. The company is filling the void left by the banks. They are interested in improving the lives of Australians by focusing on financial education. Clients who work with them enjoy the benefits of accessing budgetary plans that leave the client with a lot more savings at the end of the month. Since the biggest problem with financial management is raising money for savings and other needs, Infinity Group Australia is helping raise more money that they can use to clear loans.


A lot of money can be saved by repaying a loan in a short time because one ends up not paying the interest rates that are charged every year on the principal amount. Graeme Holm is working by assigning personal bankers to the clients. The bankers will monitor the spending habits of a client and then make monthly reports. The clients and the banker can then sit and discuss areas that need to be worked on so that the client can save more funds. Learn more :

OSI Food Solutions expansion plans in Toledo

OSI Group, LLC is a top food production company in the world. It has headquarters in Illinois although its operations are global. The company has been offering food production services in the United States and beyond. Currently, its food production capacity is global. The company is offering food production services in 17 countries through 65 food production plants. The move taken by the company to expand the operations to other is based on the need to provide food security in the world as well as supplying the people with food products which have been created to fulfill the taste and preferences of the people.

OSI Food Solutions has a plant in Toledo, Spain. This plant has recently undergone expansion in order to increase the food production capacity. The expansion was however necessitated by the increase in demand for particular food products. According to the Managing Director of OSI Food Solutions, the increase was caused by consumer data which showed that the number of people who were consuming chicken food products was going up every year in Spain and Portugal.

In the last one decade, there has been an increase of between 6 percent and 8 percent with the higher being recorded in the last three years. Clearly, we are looking at a time when food production capacity may be overwhelmed by demand. To counter such a move, OSI Food Solutions ha one up with this plan which will stop such a thing from happening. After the new expansion program, the facility will now be producing 24,000 tons annually down from 12,000 tons.

OSI Food Solutions is now a leading company in the world and which want to see the food security of all people guaranteed. Under the leadership of CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald, the company is on a path of spreading its wings to all corners of the globe. Sheldon Lavin who is the longest serving executive in the company is optimistic that the company will accomplish its goals under his leadership. He hopes to make a difference in the industry by ensuring that sustainable food production methods are implemented in all plants that they own.